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Psychedelic Law Landscapes: Navigating Decriminalization and Regulatory Reforms

The landscape of psychedelic legal reforms is in a state of rapid evolution, with numerous pieces of pending legislation awaiting final decisions. These shifts in legal stances stem from a broader recognition of the potential therapeutic benefits and cultural reevaluations of psychedelics.

As these substances move towards rescheduling and decriminalization in what seems to be an erratic manner, practitioners find themselves at a crossroads. The evolving legal frameworks greatly influence practices and decision-making, compelling practitioners to consider both the opportunities and challenges of venturing into the psychedelic space.

Join Courtney Barnes, Esq. and David as they walk through what the current landscape looks like and where they posit that it’s going in the not-so-distant future.

Essential Skills and Education for Psychedelic Practitioners

A solid education in psychology, counseling, or psychotherapy can be foundational in starting a career in psychedelics, however, when it comes to the unique world of psychedelics, specialized training can become crucial to creating a sustainable practice.

It’s not just about textbooks and lectures; it’s also about understanding oneself. Doing inner work, becoming self-aware, and joining courses like Vital can help.

These courses not only boost learning but also help build people skills, leading to a more compassionate and human approach to the subject.

Join Emma Knighton and Johanna as they walk through these core concepts in depth.

Truth Medicine & Unconditional Love: A Nondual approach to Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Nondual psychedelic psychotherapy starts with recognizing our inherent goodness, then moving through layers needing healing with grace, truth, and self-love. Join David and Dr. Sapiro to demonstrate nondual meditation’s role in the therapeutic process, exploring concepts like loving awareness, original essence, and the entire therapy framework, from preparation to integration. Embracing the nondual approach, we can swiftly experience our unbroken wholeness, guiding our healing journey in psychedelic therapy.

How To Get Your Start as a Psychedelic Informed Practitioner

Are you ready to take your professional practice to the next level and better serve your community? Join Kyle Buller, VP of Education at Psychedelics Today, for an enlightening hour as he dives into the exciting world of psychedelic education and the current opportunities it presents.

With the psychedelic resurgence in full swing, now is the time to learn about the value of psychedelic education and the impact it can have on both your career & how you serve your community. We are proud to present the Vital Certificate Program: a cutting-edge training program that is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this exciting field. With a focus on evidence-based practices, ethical considerations, and a holistic model of care, this program is the perfect way to level up your professional practice and make a real difference in your community.

So if you’re ready to learn about the next step and unlock your potential, this webinar is for you. RSVP now to secure your spot and take the first step in a journey on a career in psychedelics! This session will be recorded for all registrants.

*New webinar start time has been updated to 2pmET on December 13th

The Premiere of our New Short Film Vital Psychedelic Training: Creating Worldwide Community

Join David Drapkin as he walks through the brand new short film we’re premiering titled Vital Psychedelic Training: Creating Worldwide Community. In this film, you’ll meet some of our many graduates of the Vital program at the most recent Breaking Convention conference. It was a unique gathering, bringing together so many global constituents of the psychedelic industry and our Vital family.

There will follow a short discussion of the film and presentation about our Vital course, plus the opportunity to answer any questions about the curriculum and structure. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Vital 2024: Getting Started on a Career in Psychedelics and Q&A

Are you looking to level up your offerings in the expanding field of psychedelic-assisted support and want to know how to get there?

Are you considering attending our upcoming cohort of Vital, our 12-month psychedelic training certificate program?

If so, do you have questions before applying?

You’re in the right place! We will be hosting live presentations & Q&A’s to answer all of your questions to help you feel prepared to sign up for our upcoming course.

More sessions will be announced soon, so be sure to check back often.

Wednesday, December 13th, 12 — 1 PM EST | How To Get Your Start as a Psychedelic Informed Practitioner

Monday, December 18th, 12 — 1 PM EST| Vital Psychedelic Training Informational Q&A Session

Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Wellness Practitioners – Informational Session

Are you interested in enrolling our live Navigating Psychedelics course?

Do you have questions about our curriculum or robust slate of masterclasses?

Are you looking to level up your offerings in the expanding field of psychedelic-assisted support and want to know how to get there?

Join lead instructor David Drapkin in a live session to learn more about our program and connect with him personally on any matters at all!

Eyes on Oregon: Special Edition

On November 1, the Oregon Health Authority published its proposed final rules for the Measure 109 psilocybin services program. OHA also has given “last call” for public comment and scheduled three public comment hearings November 15-17.

Join attorney and activist Jon Dennis in a conversation moderated by Professor Pilar Hernandez Wolf about the proposed psilocybin rules and ways to help educate OHA around issues of community concern.

Free Webinar — Psychedelic Autism: A Brief Intro and Q&A with Aaron Orsini

During this webinar, Aaron will provide a very brief introduction to the intersection of psychedelics & autism. He and the audience will then dive into an open Q&A with space for individuals to briefly share about their own experiences, if they feel called to do so.

Aaron Paul Orsini is an autistic psychedelic author, researcher, educator & community organizer. In addition to publishing three books on his area of focus — Autism On Acid (2019), Autistic Psychedelic (2021), & Intro To Psychedelic Autism (2022) — Aaron also serves as the Outreach & Education Director of the AutisticPsychedelic.com Community (APC), a collaborative online org offering resource libraries, public chat forums, weekly peer support Zoom meetings, & online education courses for autistic adults & the therapists, guides, clinicians & family members who seek to support them through psychedelic-informed care.

Aaron also serves as an advisory co-author partner to psychedelic autism researchers at University College London, where he & his fellow researchers are soon to publish the world’s first peer-reviewed survey examining outcomes in naturalistic psychedelic use among autistic adults. The survey is scheduled to be released via open access early next year.

For more information about the APC, please visit AutisticPsychedelic.com, & for more information on other initiatives that Aaron is involved in, please visit: http://linktr.ee/aaronorsini

Please note that registrations (names, email addresses) are shared with the webinar collaborator.

Free Webinar — Psychedelics for Veterans: The Battle for a Better Standard of Care

When it comes to patient populations, veterans are among the most challenging to treat. Many return from service with debilitating conditions, including PTSD, treatment resistant depression, traumatic brain injury and chronic pain.

The costs – both financial and human – of military service are extreme. Recent studies suggest that between 2001 and 2050, the total costs of caring for veterans of the post-9/11 wars will reach between $2.2 and $2.5 trillion. It is estimated that on average, 44 veterans die in the United States every day from suicide.

Can psychedelics promise new hope to veterans suffering in sub-standard models of care? How can psychedelics be used to create a better standard of care for veterans and their families?

Join us in discussion with three North American veterans (Arron Victory, Apex Labs; Jesse Gould, Heroic Hearts; and Justin LaPree, Heroic Path to Light) on the eve of Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veterans Day (U.S.) on topics including:

• How psychedelics are currently being used by veteran populations, both above and underground
• The current standard of care for veterans post-service, the strengths of the current system and where it falls short
• Grassroots community efforts to support veterans and first responders in North America
• How biotech is working to create alternate psychedelic treatment options for veteran populations
• Ongoing and upcoming clinical trials to study the effects of psychedelics on veterans
• How governments are responding to calls for psychedelic access for veterans
• Successes veterans and their families are finding in psychedelic therapies

Free Webinar — Starting a KAP Practice: Best Practices from Journey Clinical

A growing number of mental health professionals are enrolling in training programs in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, but don’t know know to implement PAP in their practice. Join cofounder and CEO Jonathan Sabbagh to learn more about how Journey Clinical enables licensed psychotherapists to deliver PAP in your own practice, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Jonathan will explain the Journey Clinical collaborative care model and technology platform, and share how their member psychotherapists successfully deliver KAP in their practice as an adjunct to therapy.

Jonathan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Journey Clinical, the leading telehealth platform expanding access to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy. A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan built his career in finance, spending over two decades working for hedge funds and building businesses in Switzerland and NYC. After receiving a difficult diagnosis of PTSD and extreme burnout, Jonathan left the world of finance to focus on his mental health, during which he personally experienced the transformative benefits of plant medicine and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

Ultimately, Jonathan’s personal and professional journey motivated him to found Journey Clinical in 2020, the #1 platform in the US that enables licensed mental health professionals to deliver KAP at scale. Learn more at www.JourneyClinical.com.

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Free Webinar — Traditional and Modern Perspectives on Healing

Join us for “Traditional and Modern Perspectives on Healing,” part two of a two-part series in collaboration with the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund (IMC Fund). The IMC Fund was co-created for the sovereign protection and regeneration of the medicines, ecologies & traditional knowledge Indigenous communities have honored for thousands of years.

In this webinar, we will be looking at the importance of respecting traditional Indigenous cultures and practices. This panel brings together professionals with both traditional and modern training to discuss these medicines and how they are being worked with at this time by different groups and in different demographics, and to learn together in an exchange between equals. Building on part one of the series, panelists will discuss the differences between appreciation and appropriation, and share their experience in the field and on the ground.

Please note that registrations (names, email addresses) are shared with the webinar collaborator.

Psilly Rabbits Podcast – Psychedelics Today with Kyle Buller


Kyle was featured on the Psilly Rabbits podcast hosted by

Check the episode out here: Kyle on Psilly Rabbits

Kyle Buller - Psychedelic Podcaster

About the episode:

This week Cody is joined by the co-host of Psychedelics Today Podcast, Kyle Buller. Kyle and his talented partner Joe Moore, just launched a new online course Navigating Psychedelics, Lessons on Self-Care and Integration. We of course discuss psychedelics, as well as NDE’s, holotropic breathwork, Stanislov Grof, shamanism, integration, and much, much more.

About Psilly Rabbits

Psilly Rabbits are endemic to the Pacific Northwest.  Psilly Rabbits discuss philosophical and experiential topics from an interdisciplinary approach, often interviewing professionals and specialists in many different fields of expertise.  From Alchemy to Zen, Ethnobotany to Aliens, and History to Myth; we always come back to altered states and the nature of consciousness.  Sustainability is another important factor in the life of the psilly rabbit.  Every episode will be heavily referenced when appropriate, and you can check out our reference page for links to any books mentioned here or just plain important according to these podcasters.

Amanda is a student of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  They are graduating this spring and are interested in mycology, ethnobotany, chickens, water, and worms.

Cody is a permaculture designer, history buff, LDS survivor, and amateur mycologist.  He is interested in researching ancient, esoteric, and lost practices in hopes that such knowledge can help lead humankind towards a more sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.