May Update: Jamaica, Psychedelic Integration, and Online Education


May has been a busy month at Psychedelics Today. Joe and Kyle just returned from a recent trip to MycoMeditations in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. In this episode, Joe and Kyle provide some highlights from their trip and what it was like to help facilitate/hold space for high-dose psilocybin experiences.

Show Topics

  • Jamaica and MycoMeditations
  • Highlights from high-dose psilocybin experiences
  • Tips and advice for getting involved in the psychedelic field 
  • Reflections of psychedelic integration and what psychedelic integration means
  • Exploring integration services in regard to licensed health care providers
  • Live online course offerings for Navigating Psychedelics
  • Festival safety and harm reduction
  • The DMTx psychonaut webinar training

Joe and Kyle also explore a recent article that was written by Jade Rose, JD, LCSW, called, “Integrating Underground Psychedelic Use: A Cautionary Note for Licensed Health Care Providers.”

Article Abstract

Discussion of risks facing health care professionals who offer psychotherapy-based “integration services” to people who are illegally using psychedelic substances (underground use). Gives examples of the types of public safety complaints a health care licensing board may receive, and the types of questions a licensee might expect to be asked. Encourages licensees to review current statutes and administrative rules governing their license and to work with their licensing board prior to offering integration services.

Jade, Rose, Integrating Underground Psychedelic Use: A Cautionary Note for Licensed Health Care Providers (May 19, 2018). Available at SSRN:

In light of festival season, we are offering a $30 off coupon for our online store with every purchase of our course,  Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care and Integration throughout the month of June. If you are a student, please email us with your university email address to receive a special discount!

Joe and Kyle will also be offering some special live online course options. If you want to stay up-to-date about these offerings, sign up for our email list.

If you’re interested in learning more about DMTx, you can enroll in the DMTx 4-week Psychonaut Training. Proceeds go towards the DMTx project.

Psilly Rabbits Podcast – Psychedelics Today with Kyle Buller


Kyle was featured on the Psilly Rabbits podcast hosted by

Check the episode out here: Kyle on Psilly Rabbits

Kyle Buller - Psychedelic Podcaster

About the episode:

This week Cody is joined by the co-host of Psychedelics Today Podcast, Kyle Buller. Kyle and his talented partner Joe Moore, just launched a new online course Navigating Psychedelics, Lessons on Self-Care and Integration. We of course discuss psychedelics, as well as NDE’s, holotropic breathwork, Stanislov Grof, shamanism, integration, and much, much more.

About Psilly Rabbits

Psilly Rabbits are endemic to the Pacific Northwest.  Psilly Rabbits discuss philosophical and experiential topics from an interdisciplinary approach, often interviewing professionals and specialists in many different fields of expertise.  From Alchemy to Zen, Ethnobotany to Aliens, and History to Myth; we always come back to altered states and the nature of consciousness.  Sustainability is another important factor in the life of the psilly rabbit.  Every episode will be heavily referenced when appropriate, and you can check out our reference page for links to any books mentioned here or just plain important according to these podcasters.

Amanda is a student of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  They are graduating this spring and are interested in mycology, ethnobotany, chickens, water, and worms.

Cody is a permaculture designer, history buff, LDS survivor, and amateur mycologist.  He is interested in researching ancient, esoteric, and lost practices in hopes that such knowledge can help lead humankind towards a more sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.