PT404 – Clusterbusters: The Horrors of Cluster Headaches and the Miracle of Psilocybin

April 11, 2023
Featuring: Bob Wold & Eileen Brewer

In this episode, Joe lets Court Wing take lead in interviewing two of the leaders behind Clusterbusters: Founder and Executive Director, Bob Wold; and President, Eileen Brewer.

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In this episode, Joe lets Court Wing take lead in interviewing two of the leaders behind Clusterbusters: Founder and Executive Director, Bob Wold; and President, Eileen Brewer.

A long-time friend of the show, Court Wing has become our resident expert on chronic pain, writing articles about how psilocybin relieved his chronic pain, and hosting Timothy Furnish, MD & Joel Castellanos, MD in their episode about phantom limb pain. Now he speaks with Clusterbusters, a non-profit dedicated to educating people about the horrors of cluster headaches, funding ongoing research into new treatments, and normalizing the miracle that psilocybin has been to so many sufferers in alleviating their headaches. 

Wold and Brewer discuss their past struggles (Wold is a cluster sufferer and Brewer has migraine disease) and discovering the amazing intervention of psychedelics; the battles they’ve gone through in spreading this knowledge; how using psychedelics is also helping people work through PTSD; the barriers that legal psilocybin is creating; the concept of schools having a drug education program; the research looking at cluster headaches and other headache diseases; their creation of the Pain And Psychedelics Association, and more. While cluster headache sufferers have a lot to be frustrated about; as psilocybin becomes more mainstream and more and more research is funded, they now have a lot of hope.

Notable Quotes

“A couple of people started growing their own mushrooms and self-treating themselves just to try it to see if it might actually help, and the results were incredible. It was better than anything that any of them had tried in the past. It wasn’t really an abortive (it wasn’t treating one headache) and it wasn’t really a preventive, where you would take it and you would prevent some of your cluster attacks. It was something that was actually doing both of those things, and people were getting long-lasting results by one or two doses of magic mushrooms.” -Bob

“It makes sense that that would happen within a disease community, it happens outside of disease communities too. Some people just use psychedelics occasionally just to get that perspective back and to work within themselves (and without themselves) to sort it all out, [and] get themselves back together. And I think there’s a real division there between people who do that and people who don’t.” -Eileen

“The two or three years before my first dose of psilocybin, my medical bills were like $20,000 a year trying to treat my clusters. That included hospital stays and specialists and travel. …The first time I grew my own mushrooms, it cost me a hundred dollars to grow a year’s supply and I didn’t have to go to Walgreens to pick up my medicine. So my medical treatment for the following year for my cluster headaches was $100 versus $20,000 and I was able to take as much as I needed when I needed it. And at this point, that’s what most people with headache disorders are doing; they’re growing their own because the system is going to take years and years to be built into something that’s actually accessible to everybody – and affordable.” -Bob

“People are dying while we’re waiting for these policies to happen, and I’m really struggling with the fact that we are setting up more barriers. I know that all the intentions are good, but we are hurting people.” -Eileen


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Bob Mold

In this Episode

Bob Wold

Bob is the founder and Executive Director of Clusterbusters, Inc. A patient advocacy organization for people living with cluster headaches. One of the organization’s major goals has been to increase funding for, and the development of new research for cluster headache treatments involving psychedelics, which have proven very effective for many suffering from clusters.

Clusterbusters socials: Instagram / Twitter

Eileen Brewer

Eileen Brewer

Eileen Brewer is the President of Clusterbusters and the current Board Secretary of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy. She has lived with migraine disease for her entire life and has dedicated herself to creating better lives for those with headache diseases.

Court Wing

Court Wing

As a former chronic pain sufferer, Court Wing is the founder and CEO of REMAP Therapeutics. Under his leadership, REMAP Therapeutics is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and developing the intersection between psychedelics and chronic pain. Under Court, REMAP organized and hosted the first-of-its-kind “Psychedelics and Pain Symposium” with some of the most prominent researchers in the field. In March of 2020, Court was a study participant in NYU’s clinical trial of Psilocybin for Major Depressive Disorder, sponsored by the Usona Institute. By the end of his “dosing” day in the trial, he was astounded to realize he was in full remission; no longer qualifying for the diagnosis of depression. But almost more astounding were the lateral benefits; he was also no longer suffering from low-to-moderate chronic pain and related neurological issues. Court is an accomplished performance and pain professional with over 30 years of experience in not only maximizing the athletic performance of his clients, but also in helping countless clients overcome injury and return to competition or daily life. REMAP Therapeutics offers the first online course in educating the medical community, practitioners, and pain sufferers at large about current and past research on psychedelics to aid in resolving numerous pain conditions.

REMAP Therapeutics socials: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin