PT255 – Jasmine Virdi – Conservation, Covid, and Neurodivergence

In this episode, Joe Moore interviews psychedelic-focused freelance writer Jasmine Virdi, who, in addition to writing for Chacruna and Lucid News, has been writing for Psychedelics Today for the last year and a half. They talk about peyote conservation and the IPCI, 5-MeO-DMT and the protection of toads, how ayahuasca churches and facilitators have dealt with Covid, neurodivergence and how psychedelics could help autistic individuals, the environmental impact of having kids, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, how language has changed us, perennialism, the Mystical Experience Questionnaire, and more!

What Is Transpersonal Psychology and How Does It Relate to Psychedelics?

By Jasmine Virdi Defining transpersonal psychology, exploring its history, and examining how it relates to psychedelic experiences. Transpersonal psychology, the branch of psychology that concerns itself with the study of spiritual experience and expanded states of consciousness, has often been excluded from traditional psychology programs. However, as we traverse the reaches of the psychedelic renaissance …