Music for Psychedelic Exploration, and the First ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Album

May 3, 2024
Featuring: Shahar Amit

In this episode, Joe interviews Shahar Amit: psytrance musician who has created what may be the world’s first modular album for psychedelic exploration under his project, Held By Sound.

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In this episode, Joe interviews Shahar Amit: psytrance musician who has created what may be the world’s first modular album for psychedelic exploration under his project, Held By Sound.

He talks about his background in the rave and festival scene, the moment he realized he wanted to make music, and the realization that he could create soundscapes specifically for journeys into non-ordinary states. And he digs into the ‘choose your own adventure’ framework of the free album: how he actually recorded 3 different albums and figured out how to transition into different moods based on which direction the listener wants to go – from more still to more expansive, to darker or more bittersweet. He has also created music for DMT trials in the UK, and talks a lot about the potential in extended-state DMT experiences.

He also discusses:

  • How he came up with the flow of the album related to phases of the trip
  • How much of a catalyst and safe container music can be, with or without a complimentary substance
  • How psychedelics in a fun, festival experience with lots of laughter can be extremely beneficial – you don’t need to do them the ‘correct’ way
  • Graham Hancock, Donald Hoffman, and the concept of consciousness as the building block of all reality
  • Psytrance, classical music, traditional Bwiti music, Lady Gaga, and what music he feels is best for exploration

and more!

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Shahar Amit

In this Episode

Shahar Amit

Over the last decade, Shahar Amit has been a part of the global psychedelic music festival scene, playing under projects, TRIBONE and PERE. After countless collaborations creating music for dance floors, he has now shifted his sights to a more inward-focused approach to experience music. His new project, Held By Sound, specifically creates and curates music for psychedelic-assisted therapy and self-exploration. Through this project, he has created the world first truly modular album, a tool that has been lovingly crafted for clinicians and solo travelers alike, to best support a transformational experience, whether in a psychedelic-assisted therapy setting or an at-home therapy/deep listening session. This ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ music experience is perfected for the journey space. It is inspired by nature, informed by science, and designed for the shifting and evolving nature of the psychedelic experience. Shahar has also had the privilege of composing music for DMT trials in the UK, as well as for a range of other platforms including virtual reality.

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