Remembering Kilindi Iyi

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By Joe Moore

In 2014 I became aware of a gentleman named Kilindi Iyi in Detroit, Michigan. He was doing some wildly exploratory and esoteric mushroom trips in community with others. Kilindi was one of the most interesting people I had the chance to talk to during my time running my first podcast.

Here is a list of things that struck me as important while speaking with him.

  • He had a community of peers and students doing very similar work and sharing results.
  • Kilindi was not afraid to grow mushrooms and was quite public about it.
  • He used VERY high doses in silence (10+ grams being common).
  • Some in his community went so far as to do extractions to help stomach larger doses.
  • His approach of warriorship and courage in mushroom experiences was powerful and unique.
  • His African martial arts practice hugely informed and assisted his psychedelic work.

To me, he was an important pioneer in the psychedelic world. The psychedelic world will do well to remember him and his work. He did a tremendous amount for his community and our movement. His legacy will certainly continue to help us moving inward, outward and upward for many years to come.

Kilindi leaves behind a large family and if you’d like to donate to the family’s relief fund you can here. https://www.gofundme.com/f/baba-kilindi

Visit Kilindi’s website here. http://babakilindi.com/

If you want to see some of his talks, here are a few.