Ed of Psychedelic Milk- Drugs, Hong Kong, Trump, & Trickster Medicine

In this episode, Joe and Kyle chat with Ed Liu of the podcast, Psychedelic Milk. It has been great to connect with other folks that host podcasts, and are doing whatever they can to spread the message about psychedelics and the psychedelic movement. We really enjoyed talking with Ed and appreciated his honesty as well as the conversations he is bringing to the field.

Show Notes

PsychedelicMilk.com is an independent media collective that takes a deeper look into the world of psychedelics through interviews and discussions. Our mission is to bring more awareness and understanding to alternative medicine and different ways of thinking to our our audiences through young and exciting ways. Psychedelic Milk also aims to investigate old and new consciousness opening technologies to see what roles they can play in our modern world. We believe psychedelic technologies are not just limited to plant medicines, but can be accessed through meditation, movement, knowledge, and many more. If you like the podcast, leave us a review on iTunes! (will help us tremendously)


About Ed Liu

Ed Liu is a podcast host and a music producer – previously charted on the Beatport Top 100. He is currently the host of the Psychedelic Milk podcast, a long form conversational interview with interesting and influential guests from all over the world to discuss topics of consciousness, psychedelics, and new emerging technologies.


7 Replies to “Ed of Psychedelic Milk- Drugs, Hong Kong, Trump, & Trickster Medicine”

  1. Sorry I just can’t take this guy seriously as a person who should be listened to as an authority on Psychedelics or personal growth. Poorly developed ideas, tangents and regurgitating the obvious isn’t really helping to progress the cause of psychedelics on the web. I was a subscriber to his podcast until after the US election. Ed’s commentary on Trump was so off base and absurd I lost a lot of respect for the podcast.

    1. Thanks for writing in. As a media personality in Psychedelics we felt it was important to discuss Ed’s work and his ideas with him. We wanted to showcase him so people can react as they will.

      I think the most important points in the show were around deep listening to what people are saying especially when you have a reptilian or physical reaction to certain stuff.

      In any case, hope you keep tuning in for more episodes. Some really cool stuff is in the pipeline!

      1. Also – The discussion around drug policy and attitudes in China is something that Kyle and I thought were unique and valuable.

        1. “The central issue of our times is our inability to surrender to what we know is right.
          The question is, can we change our minds fast enough?
          The hour is late, the clock is ticking. We will be judged very harshly if we fumble the ball.
          Let´s not whore ourselves to nitwit ideologies, let´s not give the control to the
          least among us!” T.M.

          1. Donald Trump and Alex Jones both qualify as promoting nitwit ideologies. Alex Jones… seriously!?!? Sit with that for a while.

          2. I understand why he makes people upset. Some times he is correct, but more than often I see him mislead people a bit via fear. Again, sorry to have upset you and I hope you keep listening in the future.

          3. Understood and agree with TM on this, sorry if we made you upset with this episode.

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