Psychedelics Today is here to serve you!

We offer various services such as consulting calls, integration coaching, education, public lectures, and more.

Why work with us?

The team at Psychedelics Today is dedicated to providing high-quality information and services rooted in integrity and authenticity. We have years of experiences of learning from the leading experts in the field and have dedicated our time to understand this new professional frontier.

Services We Offer:

Consulting Calls: Understanding and navigating the psychedelic landscape can be difficult and confusing at times. Let us help you! We offer 1-hour consulting calls to discuss various topics that you may have questions about.

Common questions or calls:

  • How can I get more involved in the psychedelic field?
  • I am a student looking to study psychedelics, how do I can I go about it?
  • I am looking for a trip sitter or guide, how can I find one? (We do not provide specifics, but we get this question often).
  • I am new to psychedelics, what do I need to know and where can I go for resources?

Integration Coaching: Whether you’re looking to have your first experience or are a seasoned psychonaut, our integration services can help! We provide 3 packages: Preparation and Aftercare, Integration, and one-time Call.