Coaching & Integration

Have you had a difficult experience that you are still struggling to make sense of? Or are you curious about how to work with non-ordinary states of consciousness to maximize safety and benefits? Education and integration can be a key component of working with extraordinary experiences. Joe and Kyle would be honored to guide you through your process.

What is integration?

Integration is about creating wholeness. The etymology of the word integration comes from Latin word integrare, which means “make whole” or to “begin again.” Integration also comes from the French word intégration, which describes the, “act of bringing together the parts of a whole.”  Integration is about creating wholeness in one’s life or creating wholeness out of an experience. Just like a spider weaves and spins its web back together, the act of integrating an experience is helping to weave your story and narrative together — to create wholeness.

What is Integration Coaching?

We understand that non-ordinary experiences are sometimes difficult to understand and to articulate into language. These types of experiences are normally subjective and have many layers. We offer a peer support style coaching approach; putting you first and meeting you where you are at.

Our Integration coaching is a peer support service to help you begin to integrate your experience — either by creating a safe space for you to share your experience or by offering  education and support through our professional and personal experiences. Joe and Kyle both have extensive experience working with non-ordinary states of consciousness through participating in and facilitating breathwork workshops.

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During the consultation, we will talk about your needs and what we can offer you — there is not one plan or map of working with experiences.

We offer integration coaching by the session or offer a package of 6 weeks.

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Online Course

If you’re interested in learning more about integration and self-care, be sure to check out our online course at our online school.

We offer two formats. One is a pre-recorded version and may be accessed anytime after signing up.

The second option is a live course offered through our webinar service. This course is only available in cohort models, so please subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date about enrollment opportunities!

You can learn more about our Navigating Psychedelics course by clicking here.