Third Wave – Navigating Psychedelic Business Realities: Insights & Lessons

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In this illuminating episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Joe Moore, the CEO of Psychedelics Today.

Recorded in-person at the 2023 reMind conference in Las Vegas, this conversation delves into the profound lessons and insights gained from navigating the unique challenges of the psychedelic space. Paul and Joe unpack the often-overlooked necessity of incorporating best business practices into psychedelic companies and explore the critical components of effective psychedelic training or coaching programs. Join Paul and Joe as they break down their respective programs—the Psychedelic Coaching Institute’s Coaching Certification Program and Vital Psychedelic Training—and compare the content and approach of each.

Together, Paul and Joe share their hard-earned lessons from running psychedelic businesses, discuss the pros and cons of relying on investments in the psychedelic space, and ponder the potential future of the psychedelic landscape amidst legal shifts and evolving healthcare models. This conversation provides an insightful and balanced exploration into the heart of the psychedelic renaissance.

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