Psychedelics Weekly – Cannadelic, Concussions, Vital, and More PT News

March 3, 2023
Featuring: Joe Moore & Kyle Buller

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In this episode, Psychedelics Weekly is back after a brief hiatus (everyone was either traveling or sick last week!), with the OG PT team: Joe and Kyle. 

With the exception of some commentary on John Oliver’s recent piece on psychedelics (which was excellent), they skip the psychedelic news this week in favor of Psychedelics Today news, as a lot has been going on!

In the last few weeks:

Joe sustained a traumatic brain injury and a broken arm;

Joe, Kyle, and Victoria attended PT’s first Cannadelic in Miami, where Joe and Kyle moderated or sat on several panels, Kyle and Victoria went and saw Afroman, and we won the Psychedelic Brand of the Year award(!);

Joe experienced a music festival in different ways (completely sober, and somewhat still in a concussion daze) and did some interesting research on psychedelics and post-concussion effects;

Despite Joe and Kyle both getting sick and not being able to attend all of it, the last Vital retreat was an amazing one, capping off a year of incredible content and connection that is only fueling the fire to make this year’s Vital even better;

And, due to issues beyond our control with the planned venue and the City of Los Angeles, we had to cancel Convergence.

Phew! As promised, lots going on! 

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Joe with Kyle zoom in

In this Episode

Joe Moore

CEO & Co-Founder


Kyle Buller

Vice President of Education + Training & Co-Founder