Taos News – Psychedelic therapy gains support in NM, momentum nationwide

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The draft of New Mexico’s first-ever psychedelic therapy bill isn’t publicly available yet, but support from open-minded residents in ski towns like Taos just might encourage legislators to vote yes on it, according to Joe Moore, Breckenridge, Colorado-based co-founder of Psychedelics Today.

Psychedelics Today offers the kind of psychedelics education and training that New Mexico legislators will likely ask about when they’re asked to consider the bill to create a psilocybin mushroom therapy program during the upcoming 60-day legislative session. The bill is being drafted with the help of the New Mexico Psychedelic Science Society, which told the Taos News that the proposed legislation so far has the sponsorship of District 25 state Rep. Christine Trujillo, chair of the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee. Legislation may be pre-filed beginning Jan. 3.

“There’s that culture built into ski towns and people who have been stewards of these experiences and substances for many years,” said Moore. “Grateful Dead and Phish, the kind of underground current — these were the most frequent users in that quiet period after the 60s really quieted down. Ski towns played a part in that. They were kind of a hub in the same way cities like San Francisco were.”

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