Tarif Ahmed – America, Opportunity, and Open Source Experimentation

March 27, 2018
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Joe recently had the opportunity to interview an old friend, Tarif Ahmed while visiting Long Island, New York. They had the opportunity to record about all sorts of things from diversity, privilege, open source experimentation with different psychedelic regimens, bringing psychedelics safely into Islam and much more.

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Topics in the show

  • Meeting at Evolver Boston events years ago.
  • Race and privilege
  • Growing up in a Muslim community
  • Bringing in psychedelics into Muslim communities quietly
  • How status could be helpful in the Muslim world
  • Possible psychedelic origins of some aspects of Islam
    • Psychedelic art
    • Sufism
    • Some teachings
  • Open source testing of ideas on places like reddit
  • Tracking experiences and tests in a journal is very important
  • Working with mentors long term to have consistent support over time

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