Sherree Malcolm Godasi – The Psychedelic Integration Coach

As psychedelics and plant medicines continue to gain mainstream attention, more and more people are becoming interested in having their own experience. While many people travel outside their home country to experience ayahuasca legally in a retreat setting, many people are participating in ceremonies in the “underground” all over the world. Attending a festival, large or small, is also a very common place for people to experiment with psychedelic substances. This new wave of psychedelic use is almost like a new rites of passage for many. Two parts of any rites of passage is the preparation and integration of the experience. Sherree Malcolm Godasi can and does help.


Sherree Malcolm Godasi - The Psychedelic Integration Coach

We talk with Sherree Malcolm Godasi about her work with psychedelic preparation and integration. As she mentions on her site, Psychedelic Integration Coach:

Preparation for ceremony and ongoing, post-ceremony integration of the lessons shown by Ayahuasca are all about developing the physiological and psychological flexibility that would enable the drinker to surrender to her awesome, wise spirit. It is also about harnessing the time, effort and resources put into ceremony work to ensure that the healing is anchored and cultivated in the default life. The diligent preparation stage aims to cleanse the mind, body and energetic field and opens the drinker to receive, and is most beneficial when started a month in advance.

Following the ceremony, as the lessons from La Medicina – THE Medicine – will keep unfolding for weeks, months and even years later, a mindful integration stage of minimum 3 months is recommended. This intentional awareness surrounding the experience allows you to successfully retain the positively life-changing connection with Mother Ayahuasca long after you exit the jungle and return to your home environment – this is how miracles turn into your reality.


What type of services does Sherree Offer?
  • Information addressing your concerns about the use of psychedelic substances/entheogens based on contemporary scientific research, ancient medicine teachings, my academic studies, professional training and personal experience
  • Support and guidance to those who are experiencing challenging and adverse effects related to psychedelic substances
  • Support and guidance to those who are undergoing a spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency, due to the use of psychedelic substances or otherwise
  • Educational tools to individuals who wish to learn how to support others who have experienced/are experiencing altered states.
What type of services does Sherree NOT offer?
  • Plant medicines or psychedelic substances of any kind, or advice on where/how to acquire them
  • Psychedelic therapy sessions, guided medicine journeys, or ceremonies involving plant medicines or psychedelic substances
  • References to facilitators or centers who provide psychedelics/medicine sessions
  • Recommendations for using any plant medicines/psychedelic substances
  • Psychotherapy or other clinical mental health services, medical services, evaluations or diagnosis, or legal services.

Work with Sherree: The Psychedelic Integration Coach


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About Sherree Malcolm Godasi

Sherree Malcolm Godasi

Sherree Malcolm Godasi, “The Psychedelic Integration Coach”, lends a passionate philosophy about mindful integration of the psychedelic experience as an enriching self-care practice and a harm reduction technique. She holds a Master’s in psychology specializing in Psychedelic Integration Therapy with a focus on spiritual/depth theories, is a certified senior Psychedelic Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach at Being True To You and is trained in Spiritual Emergence. She also co-leads ayahuasca healing retreats to Peru, incorporating a preparation and post-retreat integration program. Her approach draws from transpersonal, mindfulness and shamanic healing modalities to fuse ancient wisdom with modern & practical practices. At this psychedelic renaissance she hopes to educate towards a responsible engagement with entheogens to cultivate a connection with our inner healer and live that psychedelic feeling.
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