Ibogaine Therapy – David Stetson – Oka Center Iboga

May 5, 2017

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David Stetson – Oka Center Ibogaine – Ibogaine Therapy


Kyle and Joe discuss iboga and ibogaine with David Stetson who runs Oka Ibogaine Center in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. David was a wonderful guest on the show and we had a lovely talk that was very broad. We discussed the ecological issues surrounding iboga and ibogaine therapy, as well as the differences between the more traditional model and the clinical model of administering these medicines. Oka has recently started offering ayahuasca retreats as well.Iboga.jpg

We also get to talk about the idea of psychedelic aftercare facilities and they are substantial importance for people requiring serious psychedelic work to heal. When healing, going back to your old life is often not the best decision. The inpatient rehab model is something that we should really look at. The Holistic House in the Las Vegas area is one successful model and we are very excited about it.

We hope you enjoy the episode and reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Our place is a marriage of two different worlds: While we respect and utilize western clinical protocols for safety and detox success, we love and live by our numerous and ongoing experiences with the traditional use of these master plants in Africa and Peru.

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About David Stetson

David’s passion has been Bwiti since his Iboga initiation in 2007. It’s his privilege to be sharing this medicine with people in need.   

David is extensively well-traveled in Gabon, Africa where he is known as Okukwe.  During his time in Gabon he learned Bwiti traditions, music, and ceremonial practices and is proficient on both the moungongo (musical bow) and ngombi (harp) instruments.      

David views Bwiti and Ibogaine as a lifeway that champions communion with others while also empowering the individual.  His approach to working and healing with others starts with the awareness of alienation and isolation as common and appropriate responses to our western culture, and is based in nonjudgement.