Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. – Psychedelic Healing

September 30, 2016

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Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist specializing in psychospiritual development. He is a popular speaker on drug policy reform, spiritual maturation, and the emergence of an integral society (a six-minute clip of his talk on the “Fusion of Spirit and Science” may be found at: and an author, most recently of Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development.

Dr. Goldsmith has curated dozens of successful conferences and cross-disciplinary “meetings of minds” for corporations as well as the psychedelic community, including the Horizons and MAPS Psychedelic Science conferences. He is a founder of several discussion salons on integral philosophy, governance, media, postmodern science, healing, and the future of society.

Trained in humanistic, transpersonal, and eastern traditions, Dr. Goldsmith maintains a (non-psychedelic) psychotherapy practice in New York and Sag Harbor, NY, and may be reached via his Web site:

Topics Discussed

  • What Neal’s practice looks like
  • How Neal works with people who use psychedelics
  • Self with a small “s”
  • Aligning with one’s Deeper self
    • Creating health
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Maturity – long term vs short term
  • Human history
    • Use of sacred technology to align with long term good
  • Psychedelic vs Psycholytic Approaches – Psychedelytic (combined)
  • Maturation and rites of passage
    • How do we transition to adulthood now?
  • How one can become involved with the field
    • Getting good grades, bringing good grants with you
  • MAPS
  • Erowid staff write ups
  • Future research with adept Buddhist monks
  • World religious leaders – research
  • We have to be mature with this process.
  • Comissions
  • Meetings with leaders
  • How to reintroduce back into society
  • 279 chems from Shulgin to research – Chemical Modeling
  • Autism research -UCLA – Alicia Danforth