Integration Coaching


Have you had a difficult experience that you are still struggling to make sense of? Or are you curious about how to work with nonordinary states of consciousness to maximize safety and benefits? Education and integration can be a key component of working with extraordinary experiences. Joe and Kyle would be honored to guide you through your process.

We understand that nonordinary experiences are sometimes difficult to understand and to articulate with language. These types of experiences are subjective and have many layers. We offer a peer-support style coaching approach; putting you first and meeting you where you are at.

Our integration coaching is a peer-support service to help you begin to integrate your experience — either by creating a safe space for you to share your experience or by offering education and support through our professional and personal experiences. Joe and Kyle both have extensive experience working with nonordinary states of consciousness by participating in and facilitating breathwork workshops.

During the consultation, we will talk about your needs and see how we can support you during your process.

Calls can be made via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

*Our sessions are not clinical or meant to substitute for any mental health services that you are currently seeking. Integration coaching can be a great adjunct to therapy if you are engaged in therapy.

Coaching Packages

1. Preparation and Aftercare Package

If you are planning on taking a journey anytime soon, we are here to support you through the process. You will receive four 45-minute calls; an introduction call, a preparation call, a self-care call, and an integration call. We will support you through your whole experience.

  • Introduction Call – Get to know you
  • Preparation Call – Setting intentions and providing harm reduction information.
  • Self-Care Call – After you “return” from your journey, we will support you in creating your own self-care plan.
  • Integration Call – This call will support your process of integrating your experience.

*Note: We cannot provide specifics when it comes to preparation – such as sourcing materials, finding a guide, or instructional information.

You will also receive a copy of our Trip Journal and Integration Journal to help you prepare for your journey!


$400 for the basic 

$545 for premium (Comes with Navigating Psychedelics Course

2.  Integration Package 

The integration call package is for anyone who has had an experience and looking for support with integration. We will explore what your experience was like, any highlights or challenges, and help you break down the experience to work towards attainable goals. The integration calls will help you cultivate meaning around your experience and help you understand how to move these experiences forward in your daily life.


2 one-hour calls – $250

4 one-hour calls – $400

Premium – 4 one-hour calls with Navigating Psychedelics $545

3. Single Call

If you have worked with us in the past and just want to check in or need support, we offer 1 one-hour call.

Price: $150