Psychedelic Integration Coaching

What is integration?

Integration is a term used to describe a process for supporting psychedelic experiences.

There are many ways to approach integration. Some provide services as a coach and those who are clinically trained may offer psychotherapy-based integration sessions. The process of integration is unique to the practitioner and their particular framework/approach. Integration can encompass any work with non-ordinary or holotropic states of consciousness such as Holotropic Breathwork.

Some people believe that psychedelic integration is only focused on after-care. We believe that the work begins way before the experience. For example, when one makes the conscious decision to engage in any type of work that incorporates non-ordinary states of consciousness, it’s common that one may experience various emotions, feelings, and memories surface before the specific experience even begins. We believe that it’s important to address these feelings or emotions before the sessions so that you are getting a more optimal benefit from the experience.

Integration takes work. It takes a conscious effort to create change. While we believe in the healing power of psychedelics and other holotropic states of consciousness, we also believe that meaningful and lasting change does not occur unless you make a conscious effort to work on the change that you are hoping to create. 

Integration is the process of moving towards and creating wholeness in your life.

What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

Psychedelic experiences can sometimes provide us with deep and profound insights, but these insights can seem very large. Holotropic states of consciousness can help us see the larger picture, but other times, it can feel like we have scattered puzzle pieces all over the floor and are now stuck with trying to piece them back together. As healing and transformative as these experiences are, they can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused, thinking, “where do I even begin?”

Our integration coaching will help you figure out where to begin.
We offer online sessions via Zoom to create a space for you to explore your experience. We will work with you to process your experience, create goals, and hold some accountability for your change.

Integration coaching is for you if: 

  • You want to develop a deeper meaning and understanding of your experience.
  • You want to approach non-ordinary states of consciousness with a conscious intention to create change in your life.
  • You are willing to put the work in to make change happen.
  • You want to implement the insights that you gained during your experience into your life.
  • You had a difficult or challenging experience that you are still trying to understand.
  • You are overall curious about your relationship with the universe.

What sessions may look like:

  • Talking about where you’re at in your process and what you’re looking to integrate from your experiences
  • Holding space for you to share your story
  • Breaking down your experience into small goals to encourage growth
  • Meditations and breath practices
  • Working together to put your goals into action

Learn more about Kyle’s approach and story here.

**Important – Psychedelic integration coaching is not mental health treatment or therapy and should not be a replacement for mental health services. We do not assess, diagnose, or provide treatment for mental health disorders.


“Kyle has helped me navigate some very difficult experiences. His breadth of knowledge on breathwork and psychedelics and transpersonal experiences, along with his ability to listen without judgment and provide thoughtful and actionable feedback, has improved my life dramatically. If you’re looking for an integration coach, I can’t recommend Kyle enough.”

– Derek C

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