Kyle and Joe From Psychedelics Today: Transpersonal Breathwork, Spiritual Emergence, Integration and Much More

Kyle and Joe join Mike Brancatelli on his podcast, Mikeadelic, to chat about Transpersonal Breathwork, spiritual emergence, psychedelic integration, and much more.

From Mikeadelic

This was a fun one! and very informative as well. Kyle and Joe, Hosts of Psychedelics Today came on to chat about The state of psychedelics today, what they learned in 2017, and their projects that include an online course, a mushroom event in Jamaica and much more. We talk a lot about some serious issues for psychedelic beginners and experienced psychonauts (like, hey, anyone up for a week-long DMT trip?) – You don’t wanna miss this one.

Psilly Rabbits Podcast – Psychedelics Today with Kyle Buller


Kyle was featured on the Psilly Rabbits podcast hosted by

Check the episode out here: Kyle on Psilly Rabbits

Kyle Buller - Psychedelic Podcaster

About the episode:

This week Cody is joined by the co-host of Psychedelics Today Podcast, Kyle Buller. Kyle and his talented partner Joe Moore, just launched a new online course Navigating Psychedelics, Lessons on Self-Care and Integration. We of course discuss psychedelics, as well as NDE’s, holotropic breathwork, Stanislov Grof, shamanism, integration, and much, much more.

About Psilly Rabbits

Psilly Rabbits are endemic to the Pacific Northwest.  Psilly Rabbits discuss philosophical and experiential topics from an interdisciplinary approach, often interviewing professionals and specialists in many different fields of expertise.  From Alchemy to Zen, Ethnobotany to Aliens, and History to Myth; we always come back to altered states and the nature of consciousness.  Sustainability is another important factor in the life of the psilly rabbit.  Every episode will be heavily referenced when appropriate, and you can check out our reference page for links to any books mentioned here or just plain important according to these podcasters.

Amanda is a student of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  They are graduating this spring and are interested in mycology, ethnobotany, chickens, water, and worms.

Cody is a permaculture designer, history buff, LDS survivor, and amateur mycologist.  He is interested in researching ancient, esoteric, and lost practices in hopes that such knowledge can help lead humankind towards a more sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.

Joe talking Psychedelics on The Magnificent Mushroom Podcast

Psychedelic podcaster and breathwork facilitator Joe Moore

Joe talks Psychedelics with Eric Osborne

Philosophy, Psychedelics and Technology

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Eric Osborne from Myco Meditations and Magnificent Mushroom Podcast interviews Joe on his podcast. Eric was recently featured on Psychedelics Today here talking about legal mushroom retreats in Jamaica). Joe discusses all sorts of interesting subjects from directed panspermia to his ayahuasca experience, the real purpose of psychedelics, thoughts on the current state of psychedelic research and much more.

Joe’s background with philosophy and technology give him a unique lens that helps provide a better understanding of issues in the psychedelic world or to give new angles from which to observe what the new psychedelic research & therapy project is up to.

Psychedelics are incredibly strange, interesting, and powerful. Others use many other words to describe them. They have a long history of use and only 50 years of demonization in the modern age. Let’s get back on track and help them reclaim their rightful place in human civilization.

Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. – J. B. S. Haldane

The Interview

The interview on Eric’s site

Joseph Moore of Psychedelics Today Podcast talks about his mushroom experiences, breath work and psychedelics in general.


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