Lenny Gibson – Whitehead and Holotropic Breathwork

Philosophy and psychedelics brought Lenny to Holotropic Breathwork. Since then he has co-facilitated countless sessions with even more people mainly in Vermont, but also in Massachusetts and Maine. Lenny and Elizabeth (his wife) have helped foster Kyle and Joe’s interest in Holotropic states and facilitating breathwork sessions. We are thankful and happy to share this two part interview with Lenny Gibson.

From his website

Lenny Gibson is a philosopher and clinical psychologist concerned with issues that bridge both disciplines:

  • Practices that foster experiential understanding of philosophy, historically and contemporarily.
  • Transpersonal psychology, particularly Holotropic Breathwork.

Brett Greene – Psymposia


Brett Greene is the co founder of Psymposia. Kyle and I talk to him about how Psymposia is different from events currently being put on and important for the psychedelic world. Story telling of people in the psychedelic world is just as important as doctors and academics giving presentations. Psymposia is having their busiest year yet. Check them out here to keep track of their upcoming events.