Joe – Holotropic States, Philosophy and Healing

This episode features Joe Moore, co-host of Psychedelics today. Joe was a student at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and is now working in the software industry as well as hosting a few podcasts and coordinating Transpersonal Breathwork workshops mostly in Breckenridge, Colorado.


Dreamshadow – Holotropic Breathwork in Vermont
CAPS PTSD scoring system
VICE article on Tony Macie – MDMA\PTSDmt. silverheels with aspenglow (colorado)

Jonathan Thompson – Psychedelic Parenting


Psychedelic Parenting

Kyle and Joe speak with Jonathan Thompson about his podcast Psychedelic Parenting and the future of the Psychedelic Parenting organization.  Other topics that were covered include:

Hope everyone enjoys this episode. We really enjoyed talking to Jonathan and feel blessed by his wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Let us know what you think!

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Where to find Jonathan and his work:

Psychedelic Parenting:


Here’s the link to Psychedelic Parenting MAPS donation page:
Links and articles mentioned: 

Raven Renee Ray – The Aftercare Project

Kyle and Joe speak with Raven Renee Ray about the Aftercare project. Here is a short description of the project from it’s facebook site.

The Aftercare Project is dedicated to the psychological and spiritual well-being of people reintegrating after challenging psychedelic experiences.

The conversation is fun and wide ranging. We hope it is helpful and informative to academics, therapists, counselors and psychiatrists who are interacting with people coming back from difficult experiences.

Here is a slightly longer description of the ACP.

Given the fact that ayahuasca has shown promise in research studies, we feel we not only have the humane duty to help those in need, but also the responsibility to ensure the reputation of ayahuasca and her traditional stewards among decision-makers in our own culture. This will allow us to continue holding space for research to continue, while protecting traditional practices. Because of the colossal challenges inherent in navigating multicultural spaces and the lack of understanding outside of the anthropological community regarding conflicting paradigms of urban capitalism and jungle reciprocity, we must do our best as North Americans to prepare those in our own communities who are called to this experience prior to their trip. This preparation will include full, informed consent, education on safety, cultural expectations and differences, and what to do in the case that further care is required upon return.

Raven is also fundraising for the Aftercare Project. You can find a page for the fundraising effort here.

Main site for Aftercare ProjectFacebook