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Psychedelics Today has withdrawn support and endorsement for MycoMeditations, a legal psychedelic retreat company located in Jamaica.

We have been to the facility in Jamaica and worked with their team in May 2018. Since we have completed our obligations to the company we now want to make it known that Psychedelics Today no longer will support or endorse MycoMeditations.

Read the full community discussion on facebook here.

The team seems to have great intentions, but there are some missing pieces around safety that have made us not willing to endorse the company any further. Safety around psychedelic facilitation is a very complex subject and is a key element for us to endorse any facility with the intention of psychedelic therapy and healing. 

It saddens us to have to make this statement. Psychedelics Today had high hopes for MycoMeditations based on conversations with their leadership and feedback from others who had visited the facility before we had. While their company is still young and growing, we wish them the best with their operations. 

After working with MycoMeditations and hearing other people’s experiences, we believe that it is important to make this statement. It has not been an easy decision on our part, but we believe it is our responsibility to let others know that our vision, mission, and framework does not align with the scope of practices at MycoMeditations.

We have extensively promoted this company through Psychedelics Today and now need to let people know that it does not meet our standards. We are very sorry for this change in position. Please know that it has been a very long discussion internally and it involved a real soul-searching journey for us (Kyle and Joe) to make this statement. Our deepest apologies to anyone who spent their hard earned money, and time to journey there on our word only to have that endorsement recalled. We know that this doesn’t look the best on us and again, terribly sorry. 

You have our promise that we will be far more careful going forward about endorsements. We appreciate your trust tremendously and love the community we have been able to build with you so far.

Please note, if you are considering attending a  MycoMeditations retreat, please understand that as of October 2018. Psychedelics Today does not endorse this facility for those who are seeking psychedelic therapy for the treatment of mental health issues. 

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