Katherine MacLean, Ph.D. – Exploring Psilocybin Retreats at MycoMeditations


Please see our statement on MycoMeditations here. 

Katherine MacLean, Ph.D. joins us again on Psychedelics Today, but this time to talk about her recent experience facilitating and holding space for a psilocybin mushroom retreat at MycoMeditations in Jamaica. If you are not familiar with the work of Eric Osborne and MycoMeditations or Katherine MacLean, be sure to check out these previous episodes:

We had a great time talking to Katherine and it was exciting to hear her thoughts about MycoMeditations. To Katherine’s surprise, many of the participants experienced little to no anxiety during or after their sessions. This observation seems to differ from the Johns Hopkins psilocybin research study, where some participants experience anxiety during high-dose sessions. While many factors are at play, this observation seems to highlight the importance of set and setting and how it influences a person’s experience.

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Show Topics/Notes

  • Doses of psilocybin used at the retreat
  • Doses used in Hopkins study
  • Observations of psilocybin sessions at Hopkins vs. Jamaica
    • Much lower anxiety in Jamaica
  • Doing a disservice by making psilocybin use risky
  • The influence of set and setting on a person’s experience and risks
  • Individual trips vs. group trips
  • Eric’s relationship with mushrooms
  • The importance of play and playful energy
  • Women’s Psilocybin retreat
  • Importance of art after a psychedelic experience for integration

Please see our statement on MycoMeditations here. 

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Katherine MacLean, Ph.D

Katherine MacLean, Ph.D. is a research psychologist with expertise in studying the effects of mindfulness meditation and psychedelics on cognitive performance, emotional well-being, spirituality, and brain function. As a postdoctoral research fellow and faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, she conducted clinical trials of psilocybin, the primary chemical found in “magic mushrooms”, and other psychedelic compounds. Her ground-breaking research on psilocybin and personality change suggests that psychedelic medicines can enhance openness to new experiences, promote mental health and emotional well-being, and improve creativity throughout the lifespan. Dr. MacLean is a co-founder of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program in New York, where she has led training workshops, educational seminars, and monthly integration groups focused on increasing awareness and reducing risks of psychedelic use. Learn more at www.psychedelicprogram.com and www.katherinemaclean.org

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