Joe talking Psychedelics on The Magnificent Mushroom Podcast

Psychedelic podcaster and breathwork facilitator Joe Moore

Joe talks Psychedelics with Eric Osborne

Philosophy, Psychedelics and Technology

Eric Osborne from Myco Meditations and Magnificent Mushroom Podcast interviews Joe on his podcast. Eric was recently featured on Psychedelics Today here talking about legal mushroom retreats in Jamaica). Joe discusses all sorts of interesting subjects from directed panspermia to his ayahuasca experience, the real purpose of psychedelics, thoughts on the current state of psychedelic research and much more.

Joe’s background with philosophy and technology give him a unique lens that helps provide better understanding of issues in the psychedelic world or to give new angles from which to observe what the new psychedelic research & therapy project is up to.

Psychedelics are incredibly strange, interesting, and powerful. Others use many other words to describe them. They have a long history of use and only 50 years of demonization in the modern age. Let’s get back on track and help them reclaim their rightful place in human civilization.

Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. – J. B. S. Haldane

The Interview

The interview on Eric’s site

Joseph Moore of Psychedelics Today Podcast talks about his mushroom experiences, breath work and psychedelics in general.

Psychedelia – Joe and Kyle interviewed by Paul Austin

Description from Psychedelia


This week we talk to Joe and Kyle from Psychedelics Today, a regular podcast that explores important events in the field of psychedelics. We hear about how Joe and Kyle met, and about their unique personal experiences with psychedelics. We end up pretty much covering it all – life, death, rebirth and (of course), holotropic breathwork.

Joe and Kyle met through a shared interest in holotropic breathwork – a technique for transpersonal development created by LSD-psychotherapist Stanislav Grof. Joe describes holotropic breathwork as a method of intense, focussed breathing, in a group setting, aided by loud, evocative music. It can often produce a psychedelic state that is used for healing or personal development – and many describe it as being similar to psychedelic therapy.

Now experienced holotropic practitioners, Joe and Kyle also run the Psychedelics Today podcast in an effort to provide a resource for anyone interested in any aspect of the psychedelic world – including holotropic breathwork.

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Paul Austin – Host and Founder of Third Wave

The Big Chew Podcast: Psychedelics, Healing, and Transformation

Joe and Kyle were recently featured on the Big Chew podcast by Maria Theresa Stadtmueller.

Check it out here: The Big Chew 


TBC 011: Psychedelics, Healing, and Transformation

Can psychedelic drugs, and breathing techniques that achieve similar states, help heal our individual and collective emotional pain? Can they help us transform our society?

Here’s what we talk about in this episode’s delicious stuffing:

  • The Multidisciplinary Assoc. for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and their sponsored, peer-reviewed research
  • How the War on Drugs delayed this research by decades
  • Kyle’s “near death” experience and his path; Joe’s path through philosophy, ayahuasca, and breathwork
  • Holotropic Breathwork, a non-substance alternative
  • Integration—a key to these therapeutic uses of psychedelics
  • The likeness of these journeys to mythic ones
  • The role of elders
  • Are we entering a psychedelic revolution?
  • Inventing new “rites of passage” (beyond getting a driver’s license and being able to buy booze.)